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AUMIRAH is a full service Intellectual Property Consulting Firm that offers the best Intellectual Property rights services in India. We offer intellectual property protection, registration consulting services in India and around the world. Aumirah IP's commitment is to deliver honest and truthful IP advice and recommendations, followed by near-perfect execution. Trademark registration, Patent registration, Copyright registration, Plant variety rights, IC Layout, Geographical Indications, Specialized IP Rights, Enforcement, Global Designs, Global Trademarks, and Global Patents are among the services we provide. Whether it’s IPR related consultancy or registration service, AUMIRAH does it all.

In addition, AUMIRAH offers services related to analytics , LEX and assistance with license agreements to help companies expand their reach to the global market. We provide entrepreneurs and startups a platform to file, track and renew patents, trademarks, copyrights in one single go. We're here to improve IP rights accessibility from the perspective of "information required" for filing and registering any IP, or for that matter, accessing any legal service, by developing new methods for getting, combining, and utilizing such information from our clients for their benefit. We strive to make the legal issues around intellectual property rights as simple as possible for MNCs, MSMEs, startups, academia, and individual innovators.

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A trademark is a symbol that distinguishes one company's goods or services from those of other companies.


A patent is an exclusive right to a product or technique that offers a new way of doing something or a new technical solution to a problem.


Copyright refers to the legal rights that authors and artists have over their literary and artistic creations

Plant variety rights

Plant variety rights are intellectual property rights that provide exclusive rights to a breeder of the registered variety.

IC Layout

An integrated circuit (IC) layout design is the three-dimensional arrangement of the components and interconnections that make up the IC.

Global Designs

Global design" refers to a user-centered interface that is designed to be utilized by a large group of individuals from all over the world.

Geographical Indications

A geographical indicator is a label that is applied to products that have a specific geographical origin and that have traits or a reputation that are due to that location.

Global Trademarks

The concept of global trademark registration indicates that a trademark registered in one country can also be registered in other countries.

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