Solutions for Artists/Artistes

Some are passionate about art, some are passionate about business, and some are passionate about technology - At Aumirah, we have fortunately gathered a team that collectively makes us passionate for all three, and this makes us a formidable legal team for artistes/artists of all kind in this age of high technology and business. 

  • Copyright Protections & Registrations

  • Trademark & Branding

  • Specialised Contracts for Artistes/Artists

  • Incorporation, Investments and Corporate Law

  • Licensing & Compliances

Why Aumirah ?

We won't be lying if we told you that among Aumirah's colleagues we have professional dances, we have had professional/amateur actors, amateur but trained singers and keyboard/string instrument players. Needless to say, we understand the emotion that an artist/artiste has for their art. On the top of it, we are tech-savvy, some of us being PhDs in Computer Vision or M.Techs in Semiconductors or MS in Chemical Engineering. 

This makes us a formidable team for handling art related law and business in this high technology world - be it metaverse, Web3, Blockchain, NFTs - we understand the intricacies of them all - technical, business and, above all - legal. 

Tech Savvy

We are tech savvy. We have not only filed patents - for technies - on inventions pertaining to NFTs, blockchain, metaverse and all other and newer mediums of art but some of us have even worked on such platforms directly. This combined with our active interests in the legal landscape makes us best suited for artists/artistes who are looking to capitalise in new mediums. 

Bespoke Contracts

For us, thinking contracts is theoretical science as well as theory and writing them is experimental science as well as praxis. Contracts are science, because they can be made predictable and be also be made exact - tailor-fit. However, like science, they cannot be universal truths for all people - hence writing them is art - we understand this intimately. 


Some of the best instruments - legal as well as financial - art has come up with being experimental with the contracts and fluidity of art allows one to be so. It is our firm belief that experimenting new contracts and clauses is the way to go. 

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