Solutions for Corporates

By corporates, we mean the large companies who have legacy of IP filing and prosecution across the globe. We fit right into their existing IP strategies/procedures/protocols/styles. We work closely with corporates to ensure smooth experience of services in both quality as well as delivery. 

  • Patent Drafting & Prosecution

  • Trademark & Design

  • Specialised Contracts

  • Global IP Filings

Why Aumirah ?

Corporates have well-settled and highly customised processes with large in-house teams. We work closely with in-house counsels in mimicking their IP roadmap wherever they may want us to, and howsoever they may want us to. We have large team and continuously recruit and train colleagues and even maintain FTE structures for some of our corporate clients. 

Global Reach

We help corporates manage their global patent and trademark portfolio seamlessly. We work with in-house counsels in streamlining the procedural as well as substantive aspects of obtaining IP rights globally.  

Advanced Resources

The corporate portfolios are large and we continuously invest in having state-of-the-art patent databases, docketing systems, dashboards, and AI-based watch tools. This not only improves IP services but also streamlines much administrative work connected with them for in-house counsels. 

Regular Meetings

We believe in meeting regularly with corporates, and like to be updated with their latest business goals, objectives, new products in pipeline, or those ready to launch etc. This allows us to have a well-rounded view of their IP. 

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