Solutions for D2C Brands

Not all innovation is there in technology, technology enables innovation in businesses and business models too. It also enables innovation in branding strategies as well. Our services for D2C brands are thus highly bespoke, on-the-go and catering to almost all legal needs. 

Be it drafting of ONDC agreements, or manufacturing agreements or franchise agreements - we understand that - with advent of technology, D2C brand owners have more to make but this can only be possible through proper and well-thought contracts as well as IP framework, especially pertaining to trademarks, designs and copyright. 

  • Trademark & Design

  • Specialised Contracts

  • Fundraising & Investment

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Monitoring Regulations

Why Aumirah ?

India is undergoing D2C brands revolution and rightly so. We have come far from India of some two-three brands in each segment, with no innovations in either taste or visual appeal or textures or many other things that may delight a consumer. 

D2C startups and their founders have realised this, and are therefore introducing products with disruptive features and advantages, and thus changing the dynamics of deeply conservative industry and adding much needed zing and energy to the several industry segments. 

This energy of D2C brands and startups can only be matched by a firm like ours - young - comprising of millennials and Gen-Z - tech savvy, business savvy and law savvy. 

Bespoke Contracts

You are a D2C brand that has outsourced manufacturing of your formulation or a portion of your product but, say, these are not patentable - then what protects you from such a strategic disclosure? A bespoke contract written to deliver exactly what you want of your vendor - to manufacture only for you and not for others, in any which way. 

Brand Protection Expertise

D2C startups must protect their brand names strategically and as widely as possible, and especially for startups with as low costs as possible. We enable this. 

Corporate Law

Like all startups, D2C brands too need a dynamic and highly responsive legal partner in matching their absolutely breathtaking rise to the top. We work across IP and corporate/commercial law spectrum and therefore, are the right partners for you. 

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