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Design registrations protects the shape or aesthetics of your articles

Our design registration services are wide-ranging - from coming up with illustrations to filing cancellations to litigating design matters in a court of law - we have got you covered for the entire journey. 


We conduct thorough design searches for multitude of reasons - be it for adjudging the novelty of a design or its freedom to operate in a commercial market. Our designs searches cover you for all eventualities, and assist in arriving a decision at different stages of lifecycle of a product, by mitigating any associated risks. 

Design filing, anywhere in the world, is work of extreme attention to detail and compliance. One miss and you may be facing a penalty or be losing your rights. 

We either file directly or work with our associates in filings design applications across the world. 

Aumirah's team has filed design applications for their clients in nearly 60+ countries/jurisdictions, and prosecuted there. 

Design prosecutions are complex, and more so when the design application has been filed in multiple jurisdictions. Aumirah's different teams - prosecution as well as filing teams work seamlessly with clients and associates to ensure grant of design rights. 

We strongly believe in quickest prosecution that may be possible and for that we work closely with clients and associates. 

Design cancellation proceedings are usually initiated after the design is registered and published. 

We are adept in providing sound legal arguments backed with our thorough design searches and analytics to ensure that designs are cancelled. 


Docketing refers to recording of all critical data along with legal as well as internal deadlines. This ensures smooth functioning of the work internally as well as externally. 

This process can be critical while ensuring that all deadlines during design filing are met, and the documents are effectively organized and labeled, followed by retrieving whenever needed.

Aumirah’s docketing team helps keep the records of all the designs in the portfolio at a centralized location. 

We employ best of the class docketing systems and software. 

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