Thorough Patent Portfolio Analysis & Due Diligence

If you have a large patent portfolio with patents across multiple jurisdictions, we help you make it either lean or monetisable; or let you know the strength of each patent

The portfolio analysis or patent portfolio mining allows us to identify high value patents and explore their licensing opportunities. We use a 5x5 matrix comprising of 25 parameters to evaluate a patent's strength. 

We bring years of experience in not only identifying patent from purely tech/patent perspective but also from legal perspective in terms of litigation chances or whether the patent in question is battle-ready. 

Whether you are investing in a company, entering a joint venture, or exploring a potential merger & acquisition, and your target entity puts a patent portfolio on the negotiation table, we help you in a thorough IP due diligence, especially considering your future business objectives that you wish to achieve through such transactions while also weighing IP on its merit, while considering which new technologies may completely supplant the technology under negotiations. 

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