Solutions for Foreign Law Firms

We have a full team dedicated to providing services to foreign law firms across the spectrum of patents, trademarks and designs. Our services cover all drafting, prosecution, litigation as well as analytics related matters for any foreign law firm. 

  • Monetisation - EOU Charts

  • Patent and Technology Landscapes

  • Specialised Patent Drafting and Prosecution

  • Invalidity Contentions

  • Invalidity and FTO searches

Why Aumirah ?

Aumirah is not just another IP services outsourcing vendor to foreign law firms as we have attorneys with years of experience in drafting, prosecution and litigation. Our analytics is therefore high impact as it rightly matches the high quality analytics and searches with equally high quality opinions on invalidity, freedom-to-operate, patentability and more. 

Patents Analytics & Research With Opinion

We provide patent research services e.g., prior art search services with deep opinions on interpretation of prior arts as well as future prosecution/litigation strategy that is probable. This makes our patent research all the more thorough and well-rounded. 

Wireless and Semiconductor Specialists

We have a team of experts who have deep experience in monetisation related services especially in domain of Wireless and Semiconductors. This includes preparing claim charts, EOU charts, claim constructions, SEP analysis and more. Further, this all comes with our legal opinions and recommendations. 

Biosequence and Chemical Structure Searches

Needless to say, biosequence and chemical structure searches are one of the most complex patent searches out there and on top of that there is rapidly changing legal landscape as well as tests/examination procedures of patentability, infringement and more. We are up-to-date with both - databases as well as law. 

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