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Patents grant you negative rights and deep understanding of this fact allows us to handle patents in a manner that sets us apart from our competition!

Our patent services are wide-ranging. We provide full spectrum of patent related services to our clients of all size. 

Be it drafting a patent specification for a complex technology to prosecuting the same in 100+ countries, to enforcing your rights in countries of your choice, we have it all covered. 

Our patent analytics services are bespoke for end-goal at hand - be it invalidating a granted patent at courts, or opposing a pending patent application before a patent office or providing insights into a technology's landscape - our analytics services work in tandem with our legal team. 

A valuable patent portfolio requires strong patent drafting, and our experts ensure to provide robust and flexible protection for inventions. Patentability assessment includes a patent search, a thorough analysis of the references uncovered, and a written report on patentability involving subject matter eligibility, inventiveness, novelty, and utility. 

Usually, we suggest clients to perform a patentability assessment before filing a patent application, as a patentability assessment can prevent filing a patent application on a subject matter that may not be novel or inventive, or allows us to write a specification that conforms with these legal requirements.

Our searches are made across the globe using paid and un-paid databases with us. We search in national and international patent databases, scientific journals, and other relevant literature. 

Our searches are thorough and highly acclaimed by our clients across the world. 

Patent, at its heart, is a business/commercial document masquerading as a "technical document". Our drafters understand this intrinsically. We train our colleagues to find out the core or concept or abstraction of any invention, and then plan the drafting. 

The specification includes the essential aspects of the invention, including a field of invention, background, and summary. Also, the specification consists of a thorough description, patent drawings, abstracts, and patent claims for which protection is needed.

Aumirah's attorneys are abreast with latest happenings in the law and have natural flair for writing. The patent drafting is after all a writing project, which must therefore serve its end - i.e. - being aesthetic,  clear, crisp, and understanding how competition works around an invention and how law interprets a certain terminology. In drafting specifications, we understand that application may be filed anywhere in the world; therefore, we keep our specifications compliant with most jurisdictions to support multiple claim-types. 

Our attorneys not only possess passion for law and science/tech but also for writing as our hiring criteria in this domain is quite inclined towards those who share a passion for writing. 

Patent filing, anywhere in the world, is work of extreme attention to detail and compliance. One miss and you may be facing a penalty or be losing your rights. 

We either file directly or work with our associates in filings patent applications across the world. 

Aumirah's team has filed patent applications for their clients in nearly 60+ countries/jurisdictions, and prosecuted there. 

Our team in patent filing is therefore divided into two - Indian Filings & Global Filings, each headed by experienced professionals who are supported by experienced paralegals.

We do not believe in over-compliance and therefore keep a lean compliance and filing practice strictly as per the law. 

Patent prosecutions are complex, and more so when the patent application has been filed in multiple jurisdictions. Aumirah's different teams - prosecution as well as filing teams work seamlessly with clients and associates in coming up with innovative responses to office actions. 

We strongly believe in quickest prosecution that may be possible and for that we may need to invoke multiple strategies, right from drafting the specification as well as laying down the response to office action or by arranging interviews with examiners. 

Hearings or Examiner interviews - by whatever name it may be known as - is a critical part of prosecution. This usually leads to quick resolution of objections and grant of patent. 

We are expert in hearings. We also prepare our clients for hearings, should they need to attend them. 

Hearings/Examiner interviews require extensive preparation for oral submissions as you do not want to submit anything that you would want to take back since estoppel may apply. 

Our hearings are extensively planned within our team and then executed. 

Patent opposition is a way through which any third party reviews the validity or patentability criteria of a pending patent application and, at times, of already granted patents as well, such as before Indian Patent Office or European Patent Office. 

Oppositions at Aumirah requires our both analytics and attorney teams to work together in to not only find the most relevant references but to also build strong arguments using those references. 

We look at the law comprehensively as at times a patent may also be revoked or invalidated on grounds other than lack of novelty, inventiveness or industrial utility. 

Despite best efforts and intentions, the patents are rejected by patent offices across world on number of grounds - ranging from lack of clarity to lack of novelty. 

Do not despair - we are prepared to appeal such decisions/rejections. We go through the reasoned statement, if any, for rejection deeply, and dive through numerous literature, to be able to present a strong case against rejection. 

Docketing refers to recording of all critical patent data along with legal as well as internal deadlines. This ensures smooth functioning of the work internally as well as externally. 

This process can be critical while ensuring that all deadlines during patent filing are met, and the documents are effectively organized and labeled, followed by retrieving whenever needed.

Aumirah’s patent docketing team helps keep the records of all the patents in the portfolio at a centralized location. 

We employ best of the class docketing systems and software. 

Aumirah can pay your renewal fees across the patent offices of the world either directly or through trusted associates. 

We maintain several large portfolios for renewal, and establish standard operating procedure e.g., reminders, invoicing, etc. as per clients' needs. 

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