Solutions for Startups & MSMEs

Complete Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Solutions

Startups and MSMEs require bespoke solutions for their unique requirements. Most of them lack in-house legal functions, and that puts more onus on us to ensure that legal advisory and work is of highest integrity and quality. Aumirah's growth has exactly mimicked the growth of their startup and MSME clients, and this is possible because we continue to retain our oldest and newest clients all the same. 

  • Patent Drafting & Prosecution

  • Trademark & Design

  • Specialised Contracts

  • Fundraising & Investment

  • Regulatory & Compliance

  • Global IP Filings

  • Managing Compliances

Why Aumirah ?

Startups and MSMEs are highly specialised in solving special set of problems faced by their customers/clients at large. As such, they require legal counsels who have extreme specialisation in legal matters concerning intellectual property and corporate law and work as their de facto in-house counsels. Aumirah continues to do this for their 1000+ startup and MSME clients. 

Understanding the Unsaid

We don't require you to do our work i.e. we don't request unnecessary documents or require you to prepare detailed documents for us to begin the work - be it patent drafting or drawing a term sheet for raising money or writing a bespoke technology licensing contract or performing some regulatory compliances. We are there to simplify your work and we understand that intrinsically and this is our super power - we know how to join the dots, and understanding what is unsaid. 

Highly Bespoke Approach

Businesses are as unique as their founders, and as such they acquire their personality. We understand this intimately; and therefore, detest the template based approach of performing our duties as your counsels. 

Execution of Experience

Not only are we experienced, we also have capability to execute and put in motion our experience gained over several years in time-bound, efficient and in most hassle-free manner possible. We pride ourselves in taking accountability of our work, timelines and efficiency, and large experience has made us capable of executing engagements on minimum information basis.

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