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Trademarks are acquired either through continued use or through strong registrations in appropriate class(es). Aumirah recognises this and works closely with their clients of all size to provide full range of trademark services.

Our trademark services are wide-ranging. We provide full spectrum of trademarks related services to our clients of all size. 

Be it assessing availability of a mark in required categories, or deciding between filing a device mark or word mark or position marks or other innovations in branding, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their brand gets the protection it needs and deserves. 

A good trademark strategy requires continous enforcement of trademark rights lest you dilute your own mark; hence, our watch services, integrated with our filing and prosecution services, serve clients well in sustaining their branding for long term. 

Our trademark search solutions enable companies to save time and cost while filing trademarks by allowing them to side-step any infringement or possible rejection.

It is essential before filing as it prevents an applicant from spending money on a trademark that’s not available or may meet opposition after it is accepted and advertised. 

A thorough trademark search offers the flexibility to modify the mark or completely overhaul the branding, and avoids future litigation related legal costs. 

Aumirah’s automated and AI-enabled search solutions are designed to give our clients an idea of everything they should know before filing for trademarks. We help our clients in the following:

  • To discover all potential similar brands or trademark names that could limit their ability to protect Trademark.
  • To explore existing exact, near exact, and similar-sounding mark names under the same category.
  • To find information about any similar well-known brand names or trademarks.
  • To discover other similar seeming devices, logos, and brands.

Filing is a multi-step process requiring expert consultation and guidance to submit a trademark registration application to the appropriate IP office. Though the mere submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance, the examiner analyzes the application for any discrepancies before publishing it in the Trademark Journal. In this process, we help clients to:

  • Perform a trademark search to check for identical or similar trademarks.
  • File the trademark application with the relevant trademark office.
  • Respond to all objections raised by the examiner or third parties.

Aumirah’s trademark filing services assists businesses in registering names, logos, symbols, slogans, or any innovative sign or mark as trademarks. Our experts prepare foolproof trademark application forms to save clients time, effort, and money, ensuring minimum office actions and a seamless registration process. 

Aumirah’s trademark filing form preparation aids law firms, IP attorneys, start-ups, large corporates, and in-house IP counsels by preventing registration of confusingly similar marks, enjoy their own trademark rights by providing cost-effective services. 

Trademark prosecution means a series of interactions between the trademark registry and our lawyers to secure successful registration of marks.

This process may entail formality check pass, response to examination reports, attending show-cause hearings, amending trademark applications wherever allowed, restoration of trademarks, assignments and much more. 

Our prosecution strategies are tailormade to ensure success even at litigation stage, if required. We make careful submissions that allow for registered marks to stand any test such as that of litigations. 

Aumirah represents its myriad of clients in hearings across different trademark offices before different examiners. 

Our deep experience in working with examiners to overcome objections in accordance with the law and proper evidence has allowed us a high success rate in hearings. 

After trademarks are accepted and advertised by the trademark office of a country, any third party may oppose the accepted and advertised trademarks until the oppositions period expires e.g., in India, the opposition period is 4 months. 

While the work on this starts right from the initial stages of trademark filing and registration; however, third party oppositions may still happen.

Our preparation in the beginning allows us to thwart any such oppositions with high success rate. 

We also continuously monitor journals for our clients to initiate opposition proceedings against any potential infringer.  

Further, we are also ready to initiate cancellation proceedings against any trademarks that are registered and end up violating your common law rights in the mark. 

Despite best efforts and intentions, the trademarks are rejected by trademark offices across world on number of grounds. 

Do not despair - we are prepared to appeal such decisions/rejections. We go through the reasoned statement, if any, for rejection deeply, and dive through numerous literature, to be able to present a strong case against rejection. 


Docketing refers to recording of all trademarks application related data along with legal as well as internal deadlines. This ensures smooth functioning of the work internally as well as externally. 

This process can be critical while ensuring that all deadlines during the filing and prosecution and renewals are are met, and the documents are effectively organized and labeled, followed by retrieving whenever needed.

Aumirah’s docketing team helps keep the records of all the trademarks in the portfolio at a centralized location. 

We employ best of the class docketing systems and software. 

Aumirah can pay your renewal fees across the trademarks offices of the world either directly or through trusted associates. 

We maintain several large portfolios for renewal, and establish standard operating procedure e.g., reminders, invoicing, etc. as per clients' needs. 

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