The Craziest Christmas Patents

Christmas is approaching soon! This time of the year is a period of incredible innovation and brand-new ideas because smart inventors know that Christmas things sell. Let’s have a glance at a few more inventive and bizarre patents created specifically for December for fun.

A mechanism for automatically putting out fires in Christmas trees

The fastest way to ruin Christmas is when your tree catches fire. One hundred sixty fires in the US were ignited by Christmas trees between 2013 and 2017. These holiday-destroying arsonists frequently catch fire when they are not freshly trimmed, are not adequately watered, or they’ve had enough of being decorated with humiliating leg lamps. 

The solution, according to fire safety experts, is to use UL-tested lights, buy a freshly cut tree, and water it regularly. An “automated fire extinguishing system for an existing Christmas tree and accompanying method,” on the other hand, would be a safe bet (US patent 7,963,343). The apparatus has “a mechanism for automatically discharging the fire-retardant agent and an air-pressurized reservoir containing fire-retardant agent.” This should relieve you of the obligation to choose fire-safety-aware decor when decorating. This is just a patent story but please always make smart fire-safety choices when decorating.

To inform kids of their position on a "Naughty or Nice Meter"

Christmas is an opportunity to spend time with family and yell at your kids to encourage them to behave. A device to “let children know where they stand on a ‘Naughty, or Nice Meter’ is described in US patent 2008/0299533. Do you regret not being able to utilize this item all year long? Do not be concerned because it “may be used during some other times of the year or events and has many applications.”

In other words, this device can alert you if your child is sneakily teasing the dog or staying up late playing video games. No, it’s just a grading system that allows you to assess your child’s behavior using the responses to a set of questions. It features a calculator as well. The idea of the snooping Santa drone is suddenly beginning to make sense.

The Santa Clause detector

Therefore, you need to avoid ruining the holiday season of Christmas by just setting fire to your tree or keeping your kids in check by totaling up their crimes. How about using the “Santa detector,” described in US Patent 5,523,741 as “a children’s novelty device for detecting when an entity enters a home,” to scare the jolly old elf away? Everyone would probably appreciate a fair warning if an “entity” entered their home. Still, that seems more like the description of ghost-hunting equipment than a Santa detector. The detector is just a stocking that lights up when a cord is pulled, signaling the approach of Santa Clause.

However, if your kids adore Santa, it becomes evident that the detector is simply a stocking that illuminates when a cord is pulled.

Remember that Christmas patents helped shape the holiday into what it is now, even though these are some particularly ridiculous ones. Without sparkling lights, LED wreaths, and stockings like upside-down dog heads, where would we be? Our patented approach has ensured that our holidays will always be joyous, cheerful, and occasionally a little delightfully strange.

Dr Sanchita Shrivastav
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