We are always looking for bright talent across globe to join us on our journey !

Aumirah invests in their people and inculcates long term relationships with their colleagues and alumni. We provide numerous opportunities to fresh graduates so that they work across domains before choosing to specialise. We will have career plan for you based on your aptitude and skills. 

We are also a haven for those who have spent long years in their industry, and are looking to belong somewhere - Aumirah and her people have continously made people feel that they belong and are part of a thriving, helpful and kind community of friends and colleagues. 

You don't work at Aumirah, you sculpt your personal and professional lives here!


Constant Learning

At Aumirah, it doesn't matter if you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, you will always find yourself being challenged. We encourage our colleagues to work across different verticals, and if you are up for it, you will see your career take you places!

Family Comes First !

If you are a working parent, or have parents at home who need to be tended, we understand that, and work with you on meeting these priorities. At Aumirah, we know that personal commitments always take priority. You need not lie here to meet your friends visiting you - just go meet them !

Leadership Training

At Aumirah, we prepare people for assuming leadership roles in future, whether inside the company or outside of it. It is our endeavour to identify those with leadership skills, nurture them, and prepare them for assuming their true roles in long run under the sun.

Be Part of a Movement

At Aumirah, you are part of a movement - the one of taking pride in your work, working with best of the best startups, SMEs and corporates in world, while managing their intellectual property & corporate law matters in simplest manner possible. We simplify law, its processes & rigour for those who are busy changing world for better !

Continuing Education

At Aumirah, we are clear that for firm and its people to grow, we need to continously upskill ourselves. Aumirah promotes continuing education through various avenues available - be it online or offline. Several of our colleagues have obtained PhDs, LLBs, Master's and even Bachelor's while working with us.


Now that you know about us, let us know about you !

We are recruiting actively for our Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad and Bangalore offices.