Innovation & Artificial Intelligence

The Innovation & Artificial Intelligence Group at Aumirah brings together a diverse team of legal experts specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), swarm intelligence, augmented reality, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), hardware acceleration, robotics, cloud services, and other advanced Web technologies. Our team collaborates closely with inventors, designers, developers, engineers, corporate executives, creators, marketers, and investors, offering comprehensive legal services tailored to their specific AI-related needs.

Given the rapid advancement of AI technology in recent years, we anticipate the emergence of new laws and regulations governing its use. However, the pace of technological development often outstrips legal and regulatory frameworks, leading to potential legal complexities and uncertainties. As pioneers in the field, Aumirah has a long-standing track record of anticipating and mitigating legal risks associated with emerging technologies. Drawing on experience of  navigating the evolving landscape of technology and law, we provide invaluable guidance to clients seeking to understand, evaluate, and address the legal and regulatory implications of AI-related ventures.

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