Secretarial services are essential for ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. These services help maintain accurate and up-to-date records, manage statutory filings, and support the overall governance framework of a company.

Types of Secretarial Services:

  1. Company Incorporation:

Assisting clients in the process of incorporating a new company, which includes obtaining name approval and registering the company under the relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Filing of e-returns with Registrar of Companies:

Helping clients file various statutory returns and documents electronically with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) as required by the Companies Act.

  1. Maintenance of Statutory Records:

Ensuring that clients maintain accurate and up-to-date statutory records, which are essential for regulatory compliance. This includes maintaining records of meetings, resolutions, and other statutory documents.

  1. Assistance in getting DIN, CIN, etc.

Assisting clients in obtaining Director Identification Numbers (DIN), Company Identification Numbers (CIN), and other essential identification numbers as per regulatory requirements.

  1. Compliance of Company Law Requirements:

Ensuring that clients comply with all the legal requirements and obligations outlined in the Companies Act, 2013, and related regulations.

Addressing various legal requirements that may arise in the course of doing business, such as drafting and reviewing contracts, agreements, and other legal documents.

  1. Secretarial Audits

Conducting secretarial audits to assess and verify a company’s compliance with legal and regulatory provisions. This helps identify any non-compliance issues that need to be rectified.

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