Do you have a copyright on your Instagram content?

Social media is the new age weapon that controls every business across the globe today. Everyone, including brands, uses social media to grow their business and build a more extensive customer base worldwide. Instagram, being one of the popular social media platforms, help many creative people to earn handsome amount of money. But, if you’re using Instagram, you must safeguard your creativity to establish ownership of your content. Here are some points you should think about when using Instagram: 1-Are you posting your photos and videos on Instagram? If so, what use and reuse can others make of your content? 2-Do you post images that belong to others without their permission? 3-Do you have the license of your content that provides you ownership (as required under a CC license)? Instagram and copyright make peculiar bedfellows. Instagram is all about photos and videos, but using those images is a significant issue for social media platforms.

Copyright Over The Contents Posted On Instagram

As per Instagram rules, the ownership of the image or content depends on the user. However, the user permits Instagram a ‘non-exclusive, royalty-free, and fully-paid worldwide license to use their content.’ This means that Instagram includes the absolute rights of the original owner of the uploaded content, besides the fact that it is a non-exclusive license. Hence, users or photographers are aware of this because if they sell an image without owning it under an exclusive license, posting such an image on Instagram might breach that license. Instagram suggests that the user makes sure only to post content on the platform if the user is the sole creator, rightful owner, or has prior permission from the owner before posting such content. Therefore, to avoid copyright infringement, you may follow the below steps to safeguard your Instagram content: 1-Using a copyright symbol on the content 2-Add a link to the user’s email or website in the profile so that people can easily ask for permission from the user before using such content. 3-Posting only low-resolution images. 4-Putting watermarks on the content. It is usually better to obtain written permission from the work’s author before posting the content on Instagram. The uploading user might be able to use someone else’s content on the platform if he has obtained prior permission from them, for example, through obtaining a license. The user may also be able to use someone else’s content if the same is in the public domain, comes under fair use, or there is another exception to copyright.  

How To Report Copyright Infringement?

If the user finds that any content on Instagram is infringing their copyright, they may follow the below steps to report it: 1-Reporting it to the IG authority by completing the copyright report form ( 2-Contacting IP law attorney under the provisions of notice and counter-notice procedures of the India Copyright Act.  

Things To Be Considered While Submitting An Infringement Report

1- Before submitting a report, it should be confirmed that only the real copyright owner or their authorized representative can report for copyright infringement; if they find something on Instagram infringes someone else’s copyright, the original owner has to be notified. 2-It is crucial that submitting an intellectual property infringement report is a serious matter having potential legal consequences. Hence it is mandatory to make sure regarding the misuse.  


Hence, it is concluded that many copyright issues can arise while posting pictures or other content on Instagram. The infringement can occur even if the person uploading impugned content has no intention of infringing the copyright, credited the actual owner, or added a disclaimer. However, it is always suggested that anyone uploading content on the platform must acknowledge if they are the owner or creator, has permission to use such content, and whether such content is copyrighted. However, an infringement can only be reported by the creator or owner of the copyrighted content or an authorized agent. If someone finds any infringed content belonging to another user, then such a user must be intimated about the infringement. Instagram acts well in infringement report cases, and they have a dedicated team to ensure no one is deprived of justice. So, what are you waiting for? To protect your Instagram creativity, reach Aumirah for any IP assistance. We work with our team of attorneys to help you safeguard your ideas, creativity, and innovation. Let Aumirah’s copyright service team help you develop a proper plan to drive more success to Instagram content with ownership and productivity. Let’s know about your case; we will provide you with the best output. In addition to copyright services, we also offer patent services, trademark services, design services, Other IPs, Prior Art Searches, Litigation & Licensing, Specialized Prior Art Searches, Technology Scouting, Funding & Grants, Investment & Transaction Advisory, Agreement & Contracts, Secretarial, Regulatory & Compliance for Drones, Insecticides & Pesticides, Medical Devices, Food & Beverages. Aumirah is ready to support you 24*7; feel free to visit us today at
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