How Does AI Help Protecting Our Intellectual Property?

Today, brands face many challenges, from building great products and reaching target customers with less budget to increasing sales and revenue. And the last thing they focus on is finding out that someone else is copying their products and making a profit. In this world of competition, brands must actively think about how to protect their Intellectual Property and keep their fame from being infringed by counterfeit and pirated goods. To avail the output of their efforts, monitoring the internet, finding these fake listings, and taking them down is imperative. But how can a company tackle such a huge task? By leveraging AI technology.

Challenges To Protect Your IP

There is a drastic rise in the prevalence of counterfeit and pirated goods. Additionally, counterfeit goods are estimated to cost the global economy $500 billion yearly, and international trade in counterfeit goods represents 3.3% of all trade globally. The growth of e-commerce makes it easier for counterfeiters to do their work. Today, anyone can develop a website to sell their items or become a third-party seller on online shopping hubs like Amazon, which has 57% of products that were purchased from third-party sellers in Q2 of 2022. Counterfeiters can fool customers who think they’re getting a good deal on a name-brand product by imitating products, logos, and names. Not only are counterfeiters deceiving customers in dollars, but counterfeit products are also affecting brand reputation and confidence, as fake products are often made with very low cost or without the same safety regulations as authentic products.

AI Is A Door To IP Future

Popular brands may encounter thousands of new counterfeits a week, for which they are serious about protecting their IP. And now, AI tools are getting popular with less effort from the human side, and let’s see how:
  • AI tool helps find relevant listings
With the sheer volume of product listings across the online marketplace; it’s impossible for a human to research such a massive amount of data; this is where AI can help. Image recognition models can also scan through millions of listings from global marketplaces to visually differentiate identical products to your brand’s authentic products and aware you without having to do the manual work yourself. Additionally, AI models can organize thousands of products by not just product types (i.e., neckpieces, earrings) but by different product models.
  • AI detects whether relevant listings are genuine or counterfeit.
AI models have the latest deep-learning computer vision technology to detect logos inside product images, even hidden ones, to identify trademark infringement. It also learns with each reporting cycle and boosts its accuracy and depth, bringing back higher-risk listings with higher accuracy.
  • AI automates the reporting process for online marketplaces. 
Each marketplace has a unique reporting template, and evidence needs that are time-consuming to complete and submit each time you report an infringement. Using AI technology that can automate the entire documentation process through auto-drafting and submitting reports to marketplaces expedites the removal time frame and enhances the removals’ success rate.

Wrap Up 

As we look to AI solutions, understand that AI is helping every industry and many solution providers today, and ruling over IP is pretty close. If you want to safeguard your brand, take down counterfeiters, and be ready for the future of IP protection, you should adopt AI solutions soon. Not only does it decrease manual time spent seeking out counterfeit listings, but it also can make the identification for you and fill out the report. If you genuinely want to protect your brand, start with AI today. And Aumirah has all the advanced AI tools to make your job easy and safe; we are just a call away. Team Aumirah is ready to help 24*7, please reach us at or
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