AVP & Head of Electronics, Semiconductor & Engineering Practice

Abhimanyu Singh

Abhimanyu Singh is Assistant Vice President (Electronics and Engineering) with expertise in patent analytics, drafting, and prosecution in the electronics, semiconductor and engineering domain. In his current role, he is responsible for overseeing the patent-related operations of the organization, including managing patent portfolios, providing strategic advice, and ensuring that all patents are in compliance with legal requirements.

Abhimanyu has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, having worked with multiple IP consultancy firms in the past. During this time, he has worked with clients in various industries, including semiconductor, AI, ML, mechanical, general electronics, and blockchain, helping them to stitch their IP portfolios together and protect their valuable intellectual property.
Abhimanyu’s notable skills include patent drafting, prosecution for USPTO, IPO, and EPO, and patent analytics. He has a deep understanding of the patent process and is skilled at identifying patentable inventions, drafting patent applications, and negotiating with patent examiners.

Abhimanyu holds a Master’s degree in VLSI Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication.

He is passionate about staying fit, travelling, trekking, music, and sports, and often participates in outdoor activities during his free time. He is a skilled batsman and can often be found opening batting for teams across Delhi-NCR during his weekends but that is when he is not on his motorbike crisscrossing streets of the Indian capital. 

  • Advising on patentability of inventions
  • Drafting high quality patent specifications
  • Preparing office action responses
  • Litigation support- preparing invalidity contents
  • Training teams and ensuring consistent quality across drafts, responses and other work products
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