Pooja Rawal

VP – Client Engagement & Business Development

Pooja Rawal is VP – Client Engagement & Business Development at Aumirah IP (formerly Adastra IP). At Aumirah, she is responsible for business development and manage client relationship. She works closely with MSMEs, Start ups and entrepreneurs assisting them in seeking IP protection globally. She is instrumental in engaging with several promising Indian startups like Detect Technologies (IIT Chennai), Fabheads Automation (IIT Chennai) & Inito, together with several established Indian companies such as Symphony, Thejo Engineering, and Resil Chemicals on their IP needs, and has helped them in realising their IP goals. She is also responsible for managing overseas filings of Aumirah and has managed filings in several countries including USA, Europe, Russia, Japan, Australia and many more. She has also been instrumental in connecting Aumirah’s several clients with each other to fulfill their immediate needs and requirements, and thereby creating an innovative/problem-solving ecosystem for Aumirah’s clients.